I'm trying to live my life as a considerate, and sometimes clever, human.

Documenting how I and others move through life, and reflecting on the way changes in technology allow us to change how we interact and make use of our environment, I want to see what it looks like to be alive in the 21st century, this recently digital era, in public, and in private.

In my documentary work I'm especially interested in acts of political resistance, as well as drug use and drug policy, and, finally, the role digital networks as embodied in the everyday electronics permeating our lives, such as phones, screens, chips, play in mediating/creating/cannibalizing public space.

One life to live, as the soap opera reminds us. One Earth too, as the physicists keep pointing out. Living this way I feel I'm not squandering the former, and hoping to encourage others to not squander the latter.

If you think you'd like to work with me on a project, go to my contact page and say hello.

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Jared Krauss

based in London

Selected Clients: Iowa Public Radio; Iowa Youth Writing Project; Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition; University of Iowa MFA Translation; Harm Reduction International, Porto 2019

  • b. Oct. 1990, Colorado, USA
  • MA Photography Kingston University, London, UK, - January 2020
  • BA University of Iowa (International Studies: Middle Eastern Studies, & Religious Studies: Islamic Studies; Minor in Arabic), December 2014, Iowa City, Iowa, USA


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I'm available for hire and commission.  I do work in event and conference photography. I am also available for social documentary projects with a justice component, and work around drug use and drug policy. I also do natural light portraiture work. I am also available to work as an assistant, as a second shooter, as a second hand, whether on location, scanning or archive work, or functioning as a pack mule.  Please find contact info here.

All images are available as prints of any size in non-limited editions for (your currency)100 each, plus cost of production and shipping. The goal is to make all images available, regardless of your economic situation. If there is a print you'd like, but you can't afford the 100 in your currency, please email me, reference the image and state how large you'd like a print, and how much you can afford and I'll likely accept your offer because it's not all always about money.

If your in the image I'll send you a print for free, just pay shipping. Or I'll email you a file. :D happy looking


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