I'm trying to live my life as a thoughtful, considered, and sometimes clever, human.

I use my camera to document how I and others move through life.

I want to see what it looks like to be alive in the 21st century, for me, in public, and for those who let me in to their world. In my documentary work I'm especially interested in acts of political resistance, drug use and drug policy, and the role technology places in mediating public space.

One life to live, as the soap opera reminds us. One Earth too, as the physicists keep pointing out. Living this way I feel I'm not squandering the former, and hoping to encourage others to not squander the latter.

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Jared Krauss

  • b. Oct. 1990, Colorado, USA
  • MA Photography Kingston University, London, UK, - January 2020
  • BA University of Iowa (International Studies: Middle Eastern Studies, & Religious Studies: Islamic Studies; Minor in Arabic), December 2014, Iowa City, Iowa, USA
  • High School Honors Graduate, Commencement Speaker, Knoxville High School, 2009, Knoxville, Iowa, USA


*    *    *

I'm available for hire and commission. 

My images are for sale in small to medium non-limited editions, and large limited editions prints. 


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