Jared is a street and documentary photographer, based in London, raised in Iowa, USA. He works in both film and digital photography.

In his street photography he is interested in exploring the Everyday as the substrate from which images can be cultivated that unexpectedly speak to the experience of living in the 21st century.

In his documentary work he extends the aesthetics and philosophical concepts underlying his street photography to explore niche social strata, in an attempt to speak to structural and systemic oppression, as experienced by individuals.

His portraiture often can overlap with the above two aesthetics. But his portraiture is not always of animals. His series of tree portraits questions the flippancy with which our planet, as embodied in trees, has been treated.

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For Hire, Commissons, and Licensing  ($$$ = <3 <3 <3)   <-----Read this if you like any photos and might want one for your phone background, or your wall, or what have you._____/

I primarily make photographs out of passion and because I love story telling. This means that my money to pay my bills, and make images, comes from working a "normal" job.  So, any contribution to my financial security directly reduces my stress levels. And that is truly, in this late-stage-capitalist society, a heartfelt act.

So, if there are ANY photos on here, that you like, or you're in, or you want, and you're fine with just a small 4" x 6" copy of the file, if you make a donation of ANY amount to my PayPal (jaredkraussATgmail.com or Venmo "Jared Krauss") I will email you a copy of any one file. And that's how it works.

For each donation, a photo. If you want to purchase a higher resolution file, or a print of any size, signed or unsigned, editioned or uneditioned, I can do that as a custom and personal order and it would be my pleasure.

Things I can shoot: portraits, reportage/documentary style event and wedding photography.

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