I guess I'm a street and documentary photographer, based in London, raised in Iowa, USA. I always a have camera on me. At least since around August 2011, excluding like 9 months where I was too broke and climbing in the Cascades too much to be bothered to acquire a camera beyond my cell phone. I've spent most of that time shooting 35mm 800iso colour negative film. But I've been playing with digital since August of 2017. And now medium format. 

In my street photography I'm "interested in exploring the Everyday as the substrate from which images can be cultivated that (un)expectedly speak to the experience of living in the 21st century." I wrote that, I put it in quotes to denote a certain amount of hesitation around it.

In my documentary work I extend the aesthetic and philosophical concepts underlying my wandering within the Everyday in order to examine niches of social strata, in an attempt to speak to structural and systemic oppression, as experienced by individuals, and especially the ways they "make do" with their situation, as well demonstrations of political will in public spaces. And I'm sure more to come.  

The aesthetics of my portraiture often can overlap with the previous two strains of photography. But my portraiture is not always of humans. I've an ongoing series of tree portraits and death portraits of bugs, mammals, reptiles, etc. which I feel questions the flippancy with which our planet and the non-human inhabitants,  have been treated, and the rising—nigh-invisible—death toll.

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I'm available for hire and commission. 

My images are for sale in small to medium non-limited editions, and large limited editions prints. 

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